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Monday Delivery

Penang Chicken Curry Finished with Toasted Cashews and Broccoli Greens with Fresh Green Herb Sauce and Roasted Crushed Kumara (Nut, Starch Optional)
Chicken, spices, onions, garlic, ginger, coconut cream, tomato paste, cashews, fresh herbs, olive oil, broccoli, kumara, kaffir lime, fish sauce, coconut aminos, lemongrass, dates, honey

Scotch Eggs with Tomato Ketchup and Diced Beetroot with Carrot, Currant, Coconut and Coriander Salad
Eggs, beef mince, onions, garlic, herbs, spices, tomatoes, beetroot, carrots, coconut, olive oil, coconut, vinegar, tapioca, honey

Mongolian Braised Beef with Sour Cream and Cajun Roasted Pumpkin with Garlic Green Beans (Dairy, Starch Optional)
Beef, onion, garlic, ginger, vinegar, stock, sour cream, pumpkin, olive oil, spices, fresh herbs, carrots, green beans, dates, coconut aminos

Thursday Delivery

Chipotle Chicken with a Feijoa Chutney and Coleslaw with Paleo Aioli and Steamed Green Beans
Chicken, peppers, chipotle peppers, onion, garlic, carrot, cabbage, red onion, eggs, herbs, spices, green beans, honey, vinegar, feijoa

Jerk Roasted Pork with Parsley & Chilli Verde, Pumpkin Dahl and Kale with Peppers, Seeds and Fresh Herbs
Pork, spices, fresh herbs, capers, pumpkin, olive oil, seeds, lemon juice, peppers, honey, onions, garlic

Lamb Cacciatore with Garlic Roasted Kumara, Capsicum and Salad Greens with Steamed Broccoli
Lamb, herbs, spices, onion, garlic, olive oil, kumara, capsicum, salad greens, broccoli, dates, tomatoes, olives, red wine

Chermoula Pan Seared Fish with Salsa Roja, Citrus Slaw & Herbs with Cumin Roasted Cauli Florets
Fish, fresh herbs, spices, egg, peppers, tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, honey, garlic, onions, oranges, olive oil

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