About us

The Primal Kitchen Chefs are at the top of their game in paleo cooking. Not just delivering a healthy meal but a damn delicious meal at that. Way more than just a standard meal delivery service, we strive to cook tasty and healthy with no compromise on either!

The philosophy in the kitchen is that the food needs to look as good as it tastes. We also are not afraid to try new techniques, recipes and will always give it our 100%. Sometimes we might muck up and if you let us know if we did, we will strive to rectify that and to learn from it. That is how we believe our lives should be lived. We try, we fail/succeed, but in both we learn and that is the most important lesson.

So if you are thinking about trying our food for whatever reason there is out there be it health, fitness, general wellbeing, time constraints, just plain hungry then stop, don’t and take a leap and order! Your body will love you for it.

Primal Kitchen is based out of Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland however we do Nationwide Courier orders to get you your yummy primal goodness. We deliver in the Wellington, Christchurch and Auckland region on a Monday and a Thursday and everywhere else in the country on a Tuesday and a Thursday.

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